Melody by Staccato
Sizes Available - 2 Small, 2 Medium, 2 Large
Material: 100% Rayon, fully lined
Fit: true to size with some extra room in the bust
Measurements on Medium:
Bust - 21 “
Length - 33 “
For large - add approximately 1-2” to the bust and a 1/2” in length
For small - subtract approximately 1-2” from the bust and a 1/2” from the length.
Description - the Melody dress by staccato is a stunning floral print featuring lots of bold spring colors. Vibrant colors are on trend thus spring, and Melody delivers on this gorgeous trend!
She has a slip lining underneath that can be detached if you’re good with a seam ripper! It has a true to size fit, and plenty of extra room in the bust. So if you’re larger chested, then you shouldn’t have any trouble since the media measures more like an extra large for the bust.
Price - $42