Caroline Cardigan - FINAL SALE

Classic meets trendy with the Caroline Semi-Cropped Cardigan. Ladies, don't fear the word cropped! In my photo I'm wearing her with black leggings and I would 100% wear this out of the house this way! This ultra-soft chenille cardigan has a v-neckline and a button front closure. This beautiful muted cherry color can be worn with everyone's basic black staples OR our favorite brown neutrals. It's the ultimate in versatility because you can wear her with everything. This cardigan is luxurious to touch and on the eyes. It's classic meets trendy all wrapped into one. 
Brand: Lana Roux

Medium Measurement
Bust: 32"
Length: 20"

Small -1" on the bust and -1/2" on the length.
Large + 1" on the bust and +1/2" on the length.