About Me

As a working mother of three kids (including rambunctious twin boys), TAG Online Boutique owner Julie Knight had more than enough on her plate.  Her days were filled from sun up to sun down with responsibilities for everyone ~ her family, her company, her friends, her puppy, her volunteer work ~ all but herself.  

One day in the fall of 2015, as she was ordering clothing from online boutiques and getting frustrated with the quality of the clothing she received, it came to her and she thought..."I should open an online boutique."  Then she thought, "I don't have time for this" and tabled the idea. A few weeks later while she was in the shower, she thought of a company name & tagline. "TAG.  A clothing TAG. My kids' initials are TAG (Trevor, Alexa, Gavin). Trendy, Affordable, Gorgeous." That night, she decided to go all in and from that point forward she hasn't looked back.  

Julie knows the excitement of finding new clothing and feeling like it's a birthday present to herself when it arrives. She also knows the disappointment when something arrives and it doesn't meet your expectations. Julie hand-selects all items at TAG for quality construction, style, and comfort.  If she won't wear it, she won't sell it.  She wants you to find affordable pieces of clothing that aren't sold at the big retailers, so you don't look like every other woman when you arrive at a party.  She wants you to have a stress-free online shopping experience from the time you look online to the time you try on the clothes.  

Julie and her team pride themselves on providing the BEST customer service around. Whether you know Julie & the team personally, they treat you with the Golden Rule Principle in mind - treat others how you want to be treated. It's the guiding principle in all that we do! 

If you need help with anything, please don't hesitate to reach out!


e-mail: julie@tagonlineboutique.com

Text: 513-407-1012