It's Friday and I have five and a half hours to myself. Yes, five and a half hours. All.To.Myself. I don't work at Coho on Friday and the kids are in school (one in seventh and two in first) so I have exactly five and a half hours to call my own. I go through a mild depression every June when my girlfriends are off for the summer but then I think that I get five and a half hours to myself each and every week.  Consistent time off works for me and I'd be a horrible teacher, so it's win win.

When I started Tag I thought I could accomplish most of my work during my Friday solitude.  "Oh I'll ship my orders on Friday" said the naive new boutique owner in her mind. I didn't realize that having the red number notification on my Shopify app, indicating I have an order to fill, would make me twitch. It's all good though, because my customers often comment on how fast I ship, which makes them happy...and the little red notification circle on my app goes away and that makes me happy, so all is right in the world. 

Speaking of customers I received some wonderful feedback this week. I mentioned in a previous post I'm an avid subscription service shopper (If I'm shopping on Fridays I'm not working on my business), specifically Stitch Fix. If I keep clothes for myself (remember my post "The Struggle is Real"), I have less for my customers, so I turn to other places to get my clothes. Earlier this week I received the following compliment from my customer, Julie H.:  

"Hi Julie, I received the tops from my first order this week and I love them! Also, I am really glad we went with the medium in the Korinn. It is perfect! Thanks again!!! I also got a Stitch Fix box today, my first in over 3 months, and I liked what I received from you soooo much better!"

This was just one of many nice messages I received this week.  I love hearing from you and it really keeps me going.  I do this because I love to shop, I love feeling good in my clothes, and if I can help other women do the same, then I'm doing my job.

What's on the agenda for today? I'm writing this post, costing out new inventory, uploading new products to my website, mapping out my new Deal of the Day posts (thank goodness for the ability to pre-schedule your posts on Facebook), and working on other new marketing ideas. I'm working on gift card development, donations to local fundraisers, and ordering new inventory. I wonder how much of this I'll actually accomplish?  Oh yeah ~ I can't forget about the personal to do list too.  Buy a birthday present, schedule appointments, run errands, do laundry.  I think today's five and a half will fly by.

So what on earth does two day hair have to do with anything? Quite simply, I'm in awe of all the women I know that only have to wash their hair every two days.  I look like Medusa when I wake up and there is no taming my hair without a full wash, blow dry, and style. If I DID have two day hair, I would have about 90 more hours in my life over the course of the year. I could get a lot accomplished in 90 hours, but until I figure out how to get two day hair, I'll have to do my best getting everything done on Fridays.

Have a great week, thanks for reading, and happy shopping.