The Struggle is real...what's the struggle you ask? Not keeping all my new inventory for myself! I received boxes on Friday and I was like a kid, wide eyed with excitement, after her parent tells her she can get a double dip ice cream instead of the usual one dip. The problem with keeping inventory is that I usually wear a large, and that's my best selling size.  

So that got me thinking about the last week and all the excitement, as well as the positive response I had from last week's blog post.  I thought, what has happened to me in the last week that I'd like to share with my loyal Tag shoppers?  What are things I've been asked in the last week?  Here's a little more about Tag adventures and myself.  

  • When I make orders I don't get to choose the sizes. Oh how I wish I did! Wholesale inventory comes in pre-packaged quantities with a predetermined size ratio. It's usually 2 Small, 2 Medium, and 2 Large. Some vendors only send 2 Small, 3 Mediums, and 1 Large. Seriously vendors, one large? Not cool.
  • Do I carry plus sizes? I do, and I'm working on finding good suppliers for plus size. I used to be plus size and finding trendy boutique clothing in plus sizes is a struggle that's near and dear to my heart.  
  • My wonderful neighbor Julie saved my inventory when it was downpouring in Cincinnati and I was at work. Boutique owner fear is having boxes on the front steps getting soaked. My lovely neighbors are also extremely patient with the amount of boxes on the curb when it's trash day.
  • I have a very real fear of snakes. You won't find snake prints in my inventory anytime soon. I recently received a pair of snake print shoes from a Stitch Fix box and I could barely slip my foot in them. 
  • I had to put myself out there and act as the model, which is a word I'm using extremely loosely, for one of my inventory items (The Andrea top). The vendor sold out before they took model shots and I had to get it uploaded on my website. Even though I have a mannequin I prefer showing clothes on people, but it is a stretch to go outside my comfort zone. Thanks to photographer Dan! 
  • I work with a beautiful group of women and they graciously agreed to do a photo shoot for Tag! I'm so excited because you'll get to see all the new inventory on real women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.  Thank you to the ladies of Coho Creative!
  • Do I work in marketing? Kind of.....Coho Creative is a graphic design and branding studio. I'm one of the owners and I handle the finance, operations, and human resources functions of the business. While I'm not the creative genius behind the business, it is an inspiring and creative environment. 
  • Product naming is fun and challenging. I've cycled through my immediate family, besties, grandparents (some can't be used ~ I don't think anyone would want to by a top named Annie Laurie or Winnie Marie). My son Gavin tried to help me this weekend and his suggestion was "weird shirt 1" but tragically it came across as "weird shit 1" when he said it! Can you say doubletake? His other idea was "Moo Moo." We call Macy "Macy Moo" sometimes, don't ask how that evolved, nicknames just happen, and I had to gently let him down that women wouldn't want to buy a shirt called "Moo Moo."
  • I believe in kharma. Treat others with respect, be honest, and live by the golden rule. Don't create unnecessary drama. Life's way easier when you do the right thing. I don't have any space in my life for people who are mean-spirited.
  • Macy was in the doghouse (no pun intended) when she tried to leap on the table and steal my inventory. Close call with the pooch...she got the nickname Naughty Knight for a reason.
  • I have a son, Trevor (the T in TAG), who has some developmental challenges. He has extreme anxiety and developmental delays, and gets fixated on things and it's so hard for him to "make a switch." He was so well behaved this weekend AND got two starts at school on Monday. These are small victories for which I'm extremely thankful. 

Have a great week everyone & I'd love to hear from you in the meantime.