It's been just about four months since Tag Online Boutique opened and it's been an awesome adventure.  Tag has proven to be fun, exciting, and rewarding in such a short amount of time.  It's proven to be the creative outlet I need. I'm feel very thankful and grateful from all the support that's come my way in such a short amount of time.  I receive lots of questions so I thought it would be fun to post a little about my adventures with opening Tag!

  • This is a perfect match with my love of shopping.  
  • I still shop at other places...I have my favorite boutiques & stores just like everyone else.  Not to mention clothing subscription services because now more than ever, I don't have any time to go out shopping for myself!  My personal faves are Stitch Fix and Trunk Club. #fulltimejobmomof3boutiqueowner
  • The most common question I receive is "how do you have time to do this?" I don't really know, I just make it happen. You make time for what you love.
  • Everyone asks if Alexa likes to help me with the business.  The answer is not in the slightest....her love is cooking and she hates shopping with a passion.  
  • I love finding a piece and instantly knowing which of my friends will look like a million bucks wearing it.
  • Size charts...the bain of my existence.  Why, why, why do clothing vendors not provide them?  Life would be so much easier if they existed.  
  • Silica gel packets.  You know, those pesky little white packets that come in shoe boxes?  Yeah, some vendors load up each shirt with 3-4 of those little guys.  Try keeping those off the floor and away from your puppy! They are my enemy.  
  • My feelings are not hurt when someone doesn't like something in my inventory. Not everything will resonate with everyone.  I intentionally shop for all body types and styles.  
  • It's hard to shop outside your own comfort zone.  Hence, I still don't have any cold/open shoulder tops on the site.  I'm trying to pull the trigger on one of those.  
  • Inspect inventory very carefully....there's nothing worse than pulling an item off the rack and finding a ripped seam!  On the flip side, emailing the customer to let her know I can't sell it to her is better than shipping an item sight unseen.  This is why I don't dropship.  
  • Sometimes you forget which Facebook pages you're allowed to post about your business and where you're not...and you get kicked out of groups.  Oops!  I begged for forgiveness and it's all good.  
  • When you make website updates late at night you REALLY appreciate your sister pointing out a spelling error.  Radiantly RUSHED...oops, let's make the RUCHED.  I was certainly RUSHED that night...sigh.
  • I'll never forget the first time I saw a customer post positive feedback about Tag in a Facebook group.  It's such an amazing feeling.
  • I'm thankful the post office is on my morning route.  My daily drive is the post office, Dunkin for an XL coffee, drop the boys at school, head to Coho (day job). #efficiency
  • I love, love, love getting to know my customers. 
  • Customer messages are the BEST!  I love hearing when they love an item so much and they simply want to share the joy with me.  
  • Imagine the fear when your 7 year old twin boys have friends over and they bring snacks near my order packing area.  I'll give 'em credit, it's our kitchen island. Spill it on the carpet kids, but don't you dare mess with my inventory.
  • Having orders that aren't packaged and ready to ship makes me anxious.  I ship everything within 24 hours.  When I order online I don't want to wait, so I don't want my customers to wait!
  • I have a full-time job at a graphic design & branding studio.  I'm a trained accountant, but you know what...I loathe the accounting part for Tag. I wish I could skip that part!!!
  • I have the most supportive husband, kids, family, friends, and co-workers.  
  • Reach for your takes courage.  You only live once. Make it count & have fun along the way.