Christmas Day marks the two week anniversary of TAG Online Boutique.  I am filled with gratitude for those who made orders and took a chance on my start-up business.  Thank you so much to my first customers!

I have so much excitement for all of you who shopped at TAG. Receiving feedback along the way has been wonderful...I can't express how excited I was the day I got the call from a customer saying "Will you bring all your inventory to my office because everyone wants to see it!"  I had customers send thank you notes to friends that referred them to our site.  The excitement is contagious.  I love it...and feel so energized.  

Creating TAG Online Boutique was about a new adventure and having fun.  It's proven to be exactly so.  It's been fun, all while learning so much each and every day.  I've learned how to scour through magnitudes of wholesale websites and figure out what is worth ordering and what's not.  I continue to feel strong about my decision not to drop ship.  I want to see every product that I sell - touch it, feel it, try it on, and ensure the quality if up to par. I've learned that taking product photography is no easy task and that puppies can really put your backdrop through the ringer!  

I started this business at the height of the chaos that comes with the holidays. To celebrate the first two weeks I'm running an after Christmas sale which offers 20% off your entire order through 11:59pm on December 26th.  Use the code DEC2620 as many times as you'd like and please feel free to share with your friends.  

Happy Holidays to all!