Do you ever have those moments when you think "Oh S&$!, I just posted that online?" I had that moment on Friday night.  I received my updated logo artwork and updated the website and the next thing I know I'm asking my friends to like the page on Facebook. ACK!  This wasn't in my planner...I didn't have an official launch date....well, looks like I do now!  Was it exciting?  YES!  Was it scary? YES!  It was...the moment of truth.  

For me, it's like putting it out there to the world that you're on a diet.  Once you announce that you're on a diet, suddenly everyone takes more notice of what you're eating and if you're exercising.  This felt like a really big announcement because there were just a handful of people that knew about TAG.  What will people say?  Will they think it's crazy?  Will they like the website?  Will they like the merchandise?  

I managed to put all those "what's" to bed and when I woke up Saturday I had an overwhelming amount of support from my family & friends. I'm overwhelmed by with gratitude for my first six customers on my first day. I happily packed them up and have them en route at the post office to be delivered.  Thank you to my first know who you are!

Now the next moment of truth comes...what will people think when the clothing arrives? 

Until then,